Southend Council is 'Council of The Year 2012'

This has not just happened, the year before last Southend was shortlisted in the ‘Most
Improved Council’ category, last year it was a runner up for ‘Council of the Year’ and this
year the Council has been successful!
This award confirms that Southend Council led by the Conservative Administration is
running an excellent operation that gives good value for money, has fine financial control
and is delivering excellent services for residents.


In May Southend has local Elections and The Local Conservatives need all the support you can offer and we need your vote, of late far too much mischief and spin has been made about the Council, when indeed it has been performing very well. It would be a terrible shame for those that perpetrate this mischief and spin to increase their seats at the expense of hard working conservatives, based upon the nonsense and negativity that they portray in their leaflets and media.