Southend Conservatives Welcome Kent Elms Bridge Opening

The Southend Conservatives are delighted at the news that the new pedestrian footbridge at the Kent Elms junction is now open for public use.

The installation of this very important safety feature was as a direct result of Conservative campaigners who had the foresight to immediately see the issues and the tenacity to challenge the previous Independent and Labour led coalition. It was the previous coalition who originally approved the Kent Elms junction upgrade scheme without a footbridge forming part of the improvement plan. 


Shadow Cabinet Member for transport and highways, Cllr Kevin Buck said;


"With my professional insight, it became immediately apparent to me that a replacement footbridge was needed as part of the junction improvement plan. The previous rainbow coalition responsible for approving the scheme seemed unaware of the safety issues and it was only through determined campaigning in conjunction with professional advice from our campaign team, that proved pivotal in securing a repalcement footbridge. Safety concerns had been raised by many, including the local education facilities, residents and local Councillors. 


"The new bridge is a wonderful piece of engineering architecture, will serve all within the community irrespective of their mobility capabilities, is a land mark legacy that will service the local community and school children for generations to come and without question, statistically will save lives. I am also delighted to announce that, due to the safety awareness campaign and concerns raised, the temporary crossing attendants who have been in place whilst the footbridge was being commissioned, will remain as permeant safety feature at the surface level crossings during school term times."