Shoebury Garrison Housing nearing completion

After the Ministry of Defence decided to close the barracks in the 1990's a developer came forward and purchased the site, and the historical buildings with a plan to develop much needed housing. Ten years on and the development is nearing completion. Resident for over 3 years on the site Verina Weaver prospective Tory Council Candidate for Thorpe Ward said that she felt it had been "a great success overall. The vison is pretty much as we saw it. The plans have brought back life into something that was derelict. To have all the listed buildings restored in one way or another is fantastic. The Garrison had an amazing community spirit which had brought back vitality to Shoebury. Mrs Weaver was a Shoebury councillor when the site was approved for sale and was involved in drawing up the brief for the development.

She also praised the work done on Gunners Park which is now totally owned by the council. She said "Gunners Park is many acres bigger than it was. Most of the fencing has been taken down between the park and the seawall, you now have a clear vista over the sea wall."