Open up Community Safety Team to Volunteers

The Southend Conservatives have announced a further budget amendment that would provide funding for the training of volunteers who want to be a part of the Council's Community Safety Team to tackle Anti-Social and low level crime.

Cllr Daniel Nelson, Shadow Cabinet Member for Community Safety said,

"The Community Safety Team has has a proven positive effect on tackling anti-social behaviour across our entire borough. We have also seen a real movement in the community to help tackling these issues. We should provide as many ways to galvanise this community spirit and give the public the tools they need to tackle anti-social behaviour on their doorstep. 

"Whilst the administration refuses to take this issue seriously the Conservative group are dedicated to making Southends Streets Safe Again. We are fortunate in Southend to have a strong recruitment of these Special Constables. However, we understand that many people who want to help do not have the time to dedicate towards being a Special Constable. Which is why we should open our Community Safety Team to Volunteers as well. 

"This could also be open to businesses who can have their own staff trained to the Council standard and can help make Southend's Streets Safe Again and Unleash Southend's Potential"