New Parking Review Unravels

The new administration has caused outrage as they reveal their plans to halt any new ideas to resolve traffic and parking issues in the town.

In an announcement to the Traffic Regulation Working Party, Cllr Ron Woodley, newly elected Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Transport in the new rainbow coalition said that he would not be accepting any new traffic and parking proposals, even if they increase parking and generate income for the town. This includes any scheme recommended by Councillors on the request of the residents and businesses of the town. 

Traffic Regulation Working Party Member, Cllr Derek Jarvis said,

"Only today I received a request from a resident for new parking scheme in my ward. On Cllr Woodley's orders, I will no longer be able to put the interests of residents first by introducing these schemes for the Council to consider.

"As such, the views of residents have been gagged.

"This is a clear abuse of Cllr Ron Woodley's new found power, seeking to undermine the democratic processes in the town. There was no debate on whether these proposals were going to happen, or how long they were going to last, we were just told by Cllr Woodley that there will be no new schemes and if any Councillor disagrees with him - then tough."

Another committee member, Cllr Daniel Nelson

"This is an unbelievable abuse of power. 

"Under these new rules set by Cllr Woodley no new parking can be found along the seafront, no new parking can be found around train stations and residents cannot be protected with new resident parking scheme. 

"This is a clear picture of how the new coalition will work, undemocratically silencing the Councillors and therefore the residents  of this town without discussion."