Hire 4 Extra Police out of Council Budget

The Southend Conservatives have revealed their final amendment to the Council budget with the ambitious pledge to recruit 4 additional police officers to work within the Borough paid for by not spending £120,000 a year on hiring two new Council Officers to tackle air pollution, a job which can already be fulfilled with the current staffing in the Council. 

Cllr Dan Nelson, Shadow Cabinet Member of Community Safety said,

"We often hear Councillors from all sides of the debate calling for more police officers in Southend. Well  it is now time for the Council to put its money where its mouth is by hiring those police officers. Which is why we have put our amendment to the Council's budget to recruit 4 full time Police Officers to start, with an ambition to raise that in following years. 

"The choice is simple, either we hire 2 Council Officers whose roles can already be achieved in the Council, or we hire 4 full time Police Officers to Make Southend's Streets Safe Again.

"This is on top of the additional Police Officers being delivered by the Conservative Government, and on top of the additional Police Officers being delivered by the Conservative Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (PFCC), Roger Hirst. At all levels the Conservatives are fighting to deliver more police officers on Southend's streets, the only thing that stands in our way is a Labour led Council that refuses to take these issues seriously. 

"With this amendment to the Council budget and the increases from both the Government and the PFCC, as well as our commitment to recruit more Special Constables, Southend will have the largest police presence it has had this century. 

"I hope this amendment is passed by the Council so we can Make Southend's Streets Safe Again and Unleash Southend's Potential."